Monday, May 10, 2010

Little Dreamer Apprentice Program!

I haven't had time to post for the last couple of weeks so I figured I would combine them. I did end up making it to Round 3 and 4 of the Little Dreamer Apprentice Program, but ended up not making it to the Final Round! What a bummer! I was almost there! LOL! Oh well, I had a wonderful time, met some really cool people and learned a TON from Michelle Coleman - who is an outstanding designer!! I'm really proud of myself for making it that far! So if you're interested in getting my Round 3 Freebie here's the link. Even though I made to Round 4, my kit won't be there since I didn't make it into the Final Round. Thanks for everyone who cheered me on! I appreciate it! If anyone is interested in a Digital Designer who would love to join a fun team, please contact me at


ellen s. said...

congrats! i saw your post over at @ peas and wasn't sure what you were talking about... i am more of a paper/hybrid scrapper so i wasn't sure but i wanted to come and congratulate you and i read your posts and this is SO exciting! congratulations!!! i love your work, it's awesome and esp the word art ( i buy tons of it, LOL!)

Heather Prins said...

i love these little trees!!